A group of four chocolate covered cookies with one bite taken out.
Welcome to<br />One Love Toffee Candy

Welcome to
One Love Toffee Candy

Indulge in Sweetness,

Spark Change

A group of four chocolate covered butter toffee.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to inspire others through acts of kindness, engage in conversation, break down barriers over a shared love of food, and build unity for a better tomorrow.

A close up of two chocolate covered candies

How It Started

The seed was planted when a family member shared a toffee recipe with me. At the encouragement of others, it went from a hobby to a business. Our amazing toffee was created to share with the world and to use our platform to make a difference by supporting one another.

Our Journey Continues

Along with our toffee, we've added a merchandise line called One Love Toffee, The Brand That Inspires HumanKIND. Check out our merchandise tab and join us as we strive to make the world a better place.

A white t-shirt with the words human kind on it.